Congressman Jim McDermott Visits Edmonds Mobile Clinic

On November 5, Congressman Jim McDermott was visiting the Edmonds Food Bank in order to be better informed about proposed cuts in food stamps. While there, a Lahai Health supporter suggested that he take a moment to visit the Mobile Medical Clinic parked just outside (our Edmonds site is right next to the Food Bank in order to maintain visibility and accessibility for patients who are in great need).

He graciously agreed to an impromptu visit and tour!

There was an appointment in progress — we asked our patient’s permission to allow the Congressman to come into the Mobile Clinic, and she said yes. Congressman McDermott listened to her story of how she found the clinic. Because she is seeking asylum in the United States after experiencing tremendous violence in her home country, she is not eligible for assistance here in the US — the care she receives at Lahai Health is critical. He also took time to talk with our staff and volunteers.

We genuinely appreciated Congressman McDermott’s time and interest in what Lahai Health volunteers and supporters are accomplishing in our community!

See pictures of his visit below!

Jim McDermott visit

2- Jim McDermott visit

3- Jim McDermott Visit

4- Jim McDermott visit

5- Jim McDermoot visit