Lahai Health: A Good Place to Receive Health Care, A Good Place to Volunteer

Recently, I met Adrianna* at a Bellevue pilot clinic.  She’s different from me, but we are sisters because we both love Jesus.  In the short time I’ve known her, she’s blessed me as she’s shared her story with me and helped me to understand the day-to-day lives of  many people we at Lahai Health serve.

Several years ago, Adrianna moved to Washington from a communist country to escape persecution because of her Christian beliefs.  As a Christian, she was not a member of the communist party.  Therefore, she could not apply or be hired for many jobs and she was not allowed to attend certain educational institutions.

Adrianna felt that God was calling her to be a nurse.  She managed to get into a school where she could study, but each day, she was summoned to the administrative offices where she was questioned about her beliefs.  It was a scary time.

When an opportunity opened to come to the United States, Adrianna and her family decided to leave their home and move to Washington.  She and her husband wanted better lives and more opportunities for the children.

That first year was tough for the whole family. Adrianna worked extremely hard.   She and her husband had to adjust to a new culture, but did not speak English.  They cared for their children and worked night and day to make ends meet.  While their kids were at school, the parents were also at school, learning English. As soon as Adrianna’s English was strong enough, she enrolled for classes at a community college to pursue her dream to be a nurse.

Thankfully, the family quickly heard about Jubilee Reach in Bellevue.  According to Adrianna, the people at Jubilee Reach cared for the children before and after school while she and her husband worked. Jubilee Reach staff also encouraged Adrianna to keep studying, affirming her ability to learn, be a good wife and mother, and work towards a better life for all of them.  Now Adrianna is just months away from finishing her R.N. training.

In addition to being a student, wife, and mother, Adrianna finds time to volunteer!  Now she’s excited about serving with Lahai Health as well, sharing the love of Christ with patients.  She can hardly wait for the day when she’ll be able to volunteer as a nurse.  In her words, Lahai Health is a good place for people like her family to receive health care.  Often their illnesses are much deeper than physical—they also need to know that Jesus loves them.  Adrianna is glad that people who know Jesus will be at the clinic to pray with patients.

As God brings people together at Lahai Health, He transforms lives…the lives of patients, volunteers, Lahai Health staff, and all who work together to bring health care to people who cannot otherwise access it.

We’d love to hear how you’ve seen God change lives through interactions with people who come from varying backgrounds and cultures.

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