Prayer for Lahai Health

Lord, Lahai Health is yours.  You brought it into being, you’ve cared for it, and you’ve provided all that’s needed to provide health care. You provide because you love people so much!   We all are the poor and brokenhearted; we hold a special place in your heart.

When you lived among us, you healed.  Now, you’ve called us to care for the sick, especially when they cannot afford to go to the doctor.  Sometimes your patients feel so neglected and unloved because of our broken health care system.  Sometimes they’ve lost hope.

Now, as we see budget cuts throughout our state, we hear of many who are losing health coverage and have nowhere to turn.  In your foreknowledge, grace and mercy, you provided a mobile medical clinic for those who desperately need health care.

Oh God, you are our God.  We need you.  There is much we need to learn and much work to be done.  Would you provide all that is needed to care for the patients you send to the clinic?  You know all that we need: volunteers, staff, medical equipment and supplies, wisdom and knowledge, and more. We need things we don’t even know about yet.  Please, provide all that is needed at just the right time.

Lord, we ask so that each person who comes may experience your love and know that you are God, and so that you may be glorified.